18 March 2005


We are unpacking - slowly. Stripping the wallpaper off the living room walls is much more entertaining!

Transferring the broadband connection is proving to be uneccessarily laborious and undeservedly costly, thus, I can't post any pictures just yet.

In the meantime, I have discovered another Passionate Cook and can't wait to try some of those lovely looking recipes...

07 March 2005


This weekend, Dom and I will be leaving the flat that we have been renting and moving into our new home. We have been packing up our belongings ready for the big day.

This place will be our very own to decorate exactly how we want it. We can't wait!

choccie cupcakes


01 March 2005


Dom's amazing giant Yorkshire pud and his delicious Sunday dinner lovingly served to me last weekend. Aren't I a lucky girl!