15 May 2005

colour coordinating

We won't get to decorate the upstairs of the house for a long time, so as an interim makeover, I got to work with the existing colour in the room (the dark turqoise carpet) and created a sumptuous chocolate haven...

...a big improvement on before...

The total cost for bedding (2 double duvet sets which I have combined), curtains, cushions, candles and vase was £116.00 - not bad at all.

I was going to make all the soft furnishings myself, but there is a distinct lack of fabric shops in the area, so I ended up utilising ready made. I am going to have to look harder and wider to satisfy my fabric fetish.

14 May 2005


We have had time to relax. This was us having lunch in the back garden, the weekend after we moved in...


We spent the May Bank Holiday weekend doing some serious hard graft in the garden. We hired a jackhammer (which I operated on the first day) and an 8yd skip, which Dom filled with a spade, a wheelbarrow and a ramp. After three days of backache and swollen wrists, we investigated other options.

It turned out that we could pay a professional (Bobby) to come and do it with his big trucks with huge grabbing arms cheaper than it would have been for us to hire a mini-loader and five skips.

Finally, we are rid of an amazing 170m2 of criminal crazy paving. Our two trees are no longer gasping for water and nutrients, but are thriving and our soil is ready for rotovating, turfing and planting!


We (Dom) knocked down part of the kitchen wall. We're going open plan...


How long has it taken me to write an update? A long time. That's because we have been too busy doing things! So far we have stripped the wallpaper off the living room walls, all the way up the stairs and the landing...