24 June 2005

still gardening

We are ploughing through our garden project (literally), with Dom digging up 170m2 of rock hard soil with a pick every night after work and with me pulling up tree roots that have come to the surface in their quest for nutrients from beneath the crazy paving.

After a minor mishap last weekend in which Dom punctured a gas pipe (lying only 2 inches below the soil!!), we are ready to rotovate. We also have the vibration damped breaker hired again for this weekend so that we can finish off the fence post holes and the remaining fence panels before the turf arrives for laying next weekend.

I can't wait til it is finished. It has been more costly and time-consuming than anticipated but it will be well worth it for the joy it will bring for years to come.

19 June 2005


The garden has been making good, but slow, progress since the crazy paving was removed. We hired the vibration breaker again to dig deep holes for the fence posts, as unfortunately we hit concrete, where the council have edged the path outside our house.

Dom's dad came down on the late May Bank Holiday and they began setting the panels and posts in place. We now have 16 out of about 30 panels erected and this weekend I have been painting them dark oak in the glorious sunshine.

Dom hasn't really appreciated the heat, as his job has been to break up the soil with a pick, which is some punishing physical labour. He got about a third of the way through yesterday. We need to get it rotovated and ready for the turf in the next week or two or it will become too late and too hot to lay and won't establish.

This picture shows the fence in it's beginning state.


The weather is beautiful at the moment and it was just right last weekend at the Isle of Wight Festival. Our six man tent might have taken nearly two hours to erect but the comfort of space and height was well worth it. Having experienced festival camping for the first time, I can now confirm that the toilets are pits of eternal stench, and the showers, well, 15 divided by 20,000 doesn't really go, does it?! Luckily I have relatives on the island and we took full advantage of their washing facilities!

As for the music: Travis stole the show, reeling off hit after hit that I'd forgotten, but knew all the words to. The band that we really wanted to see, Snow Patrol, were excellent. The headliners, R.E.M., were almost too big and too polished for a festival of this size. They didn't connect with the audience in the friendly fashion that the other bands had.

Ray Davies from The Kinks was also very cool.

It has spurred us to download an array of albums, including some of Mark Knopfler's new stuff, after we had seen him in concert at the Royal Albert Hall. He was amazing.

01 June 2005

listening and applauding

By the end of 2005 I will have seen:

Queen & Paul Rodgers, (Newcastle Telewest Arena, 3rd May)
Marc Knopfler, (Royal Albert Hall, 1st June)
Razorlight, Supergrass, Idlewild, (Isle of Wight Festival, 10th June)
Roxy Music, Feeder, The Babyshambles, Ray Davies, (Isle of Wight Festival, 11th June)
R.E.M., Snow Patrol, Embrace, Starsailor, (Isle of Wight Festival, 12th June)
Keane, (and others), (Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, 29th June)

Who needs Bob Geldof!