26 July 2005


Dom's birthday meal was delicious. We went to Quod in Haymarket. I booked it online through a fantastically useful website called Top Table.

Then it was a short walk to The Comedy Store for an evening called 'King Gong. It was great! Twenty or so comedians trying to last five minutes on the stage without being 'red-carded' by the three audience judges. If they made it to the five minute gong they reached the final. Lots of laughs, lots of variety and a cheap bar. 'King Gong happens on the last Monday of every month, £5 entry.

25 July 2005

happy birthday dom!

Dom is 28 today! I bought him a Dewalt Circular Saw. He was very pleased with it. Tonight we are going into London for a meal and to see some stand-up comedy. Cool!

22 July 2005

fridge shopping

My family (and the dog!) are coming to stay with us next week which is sending me into a frenzy of finishing jobs and just when we least need it, our fridge has broken. We can survive this, but I don't think my parents will be able to cope without fresh milk for tea.

So, last night we bought this Liebherr fridge freezer. As fridges go, it's very sexy! All stainless steel and very spacious. It's resting at the moment from having it's gasses shaken up on the car ride home (we managed to fit it into Dom's Astra Estate!) but tonight it will be installed and turned on. I can't wait!

Fridge Update: We are very happy with the Liebherr's performance and, after getting sick of smear-wiping I did a bit of web research and tried olive oil applied with some kitchen roll. I couldn't believe the results. All smears disappeared in an instant and the surface looks immaculate. Now I know I need not worry about buying other stainless steel appliances. So much for the over-priced e-cloth that Comet sold us. Personally, I found it useless.

21 July 2005


Last night I came home to a lovely surprise - Dom!

I thought he was going to be in Glasgow for a meeting. He had fooled me with flight times, hotel organisation etc., when in fact he had left work early to get home and prepare me a lovely three course anniversary meal.

Candles, flowers, wine (and champagne which we have saved for today which is our actual anniversary) - I felt like a real princess.

We had peach, pancetta, roquefort and herb salad with lemon dressing followed by tuna steak with courgettes fried in mint and garlic, then strawberries & raspberries soaked in lemon, orange and vanilla with vanilla mascarpone. It was beautiful.

I am a lucky lucky girl.

Photos soon.

18 July 2005


On Saturday we added the final few fence panels to our very long and impressive fence. Early Sunday morning, before cricket, Dom built one of the three gates and I spent the rest of the day painting the fence in my bikini.

Fence painting is one of those tasks that sounds easy and quick but is painstakingly slow. I think this is because picket fences have too many sides at awkward angles that need to be covered. I have got my timings down to approximately 45 mins per panel. Only another 10 hours to go!

15 July 2005


On Friday 1st July at approximately 9.00am our turf was delivered, I raked and levelled, Dom rolled and tamped, and by 10.20pm our lawn was complete.

Two weeks on and it has grown a good couple of inches. It will soon be time to make the first cut. It looks beautiful. It makes me smile every time I come home.

09.00 - The first piece

12.00 - Good progress

15.00 - Half way

Peeping over the turf rolls

My job - raking and levelling - exhausting stuff!