19 August 2005


Time has flown since I last wrote. Hosting my family was "interesting". They are definitely not used to being guests and I felt a bit frustrated by the experience to say the least! It didn't help that it poured with rain the whole time they were here, after having been dry and sunny for at least a month. I think they brought it with them from the north.

My sister Caroline at Herne Bay in the rain

Much more relaxing was the week we spent camping in the Isle of Wight with Dom's sister and her two kids. The weather was fantastic and we spent most days on the beach. We also went to Blackgang Chine, Robin Hill, the Needles, and the Model Village in Godshill. The campsite was great and I'd highly recommend it. Perhaps we will retire on the Isle of Wight to run our own campsite. Long way to go yet!!!

Liam, Vic, Dorcas, Dom, Sophie - BBQing at the campsite

Liam and Sophie lovin' the sand and the sea

Boat trip to The Neeedles