08 November 2005

Guy Fawkes Night

On Saturday 5th November it was 400 years since Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament. Britain celebrates his failed plot every year on this date by burning effigies of Guy on large community bonfires and by letting off fireworks.

Dom and I went to a small firework display sans bonfire at our local pub. It was just enough to make us feel like we hadn't missed out, whilst at the same time enabling us to walk back home within a couple of minutes and enjoy the rest of the night indoors, warm and with a few glasses of wine.

01 November 2005


On Halloween night Dom and I went with some friends to see Saw II. What can I say, it was pure gore. Probably one of the most gruesome films I have ever seen and very entertaining. Perfect for Halloween.

Before we left the house, my lantern attracted six little groups of 'trick or treaters' which is pretty good for Britain. It was the first time I had been on the receiving end of trick-or-treat callers and I enjoyed it. I must have been about 11 years old when I last went trick-or-treating, which was 15 years ago! God, I'm getting old (and it's not bad at all!).

pumpkin eating

Not only had I never carved a pumpkin (until a few days ago), but I had also never made anything with pumpkins. I found a recipe for pumpkin pie and until I read it, I have to admit I had assumed that it was a savoury thing, but no.

Sunday afternoon, with missing spices and the wrong sized tin I cobbled together something that looked convincing, but having never tasted pumpkin pie before, I don't know if I got it right! All I can tell you is that it tasted better with Creme Fraiche than with double cream. Yum.