31 December 2005


Christmas Day was spent at home with exchange of prezzies and a huge Christmas dinner of turkey and stuffing with homemade cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, mashed swede and carrot and sprouts. It was delicious.

After a relaxing Boxing Day we drove on 27th to my mum and dads', where it felt like Christmas all over again. It had snowed quite heavily overnight and on 28th we went with my sister and the dog to Bolam Lake Country Park for a walk.

On 29th we headed for Dom's mum's house where we delivered and opened more gifts, had snowball fights with Liam and Sophie, Dom's nephew and niece, and took them to see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which was excellent.

We got back home late last night and have stocked up on champagne to see in the New Year this evening.

23 December 2005

Mince Pies

I made mince pies and brought them in for everyone at work yesterday. My mince pie recipe is, without doubt, the best in the world. We only have a half day at work today and then a nice long holiday, during which, unfortunately, I have lots of legal revision to do for an exam on 7th Jan. Poor me. There will always be time for wine though.

18 December 2005

Christmas Cake

Yesterday I baked our Christmas cake. I swapped recipes half way through and substituted some of the the fruit and nuts for whatever I had left in the cupboard so I have no idea whether it will turn out OK.

I should have baked it before now, so there isn't time to feed it with brandy.

I will decorate it later in the week.

I decorated it on Christmas Day. Not my original plan, but it looks OK and tastes pretty good too!

Christmas Tree

Last weekend we put up the Christmas Tree. It looks lovely. Our Christmas shopping is all finished and most of the presents are wrapped and stored under the tree until we set off and deliver them between Christmas and New Year.

Dom and I aren't putting our presents for each other under the tree until Christmas Eve to make sure they stay top secret!


Last month I took Dom to MPH05. It's a car show. Boys stuff. Dom enjoyed it though!