16 February 2006


What an amazing Valentine's Day I had - a huge bunch of flowers waiting for me on my desk when I arrived into work and then in the evening, ice skating at Canary Wharf followed by a beautiful meal and lovely champagne at an italian restaurant by the water.

I am a lucky girl!

12 February 2006


Study for my business law exam is taking up all of my spare time at the moment, but I took an hour this morning to plant some tulip bulbs, (bought ready sprouted). Tulips are my favourite flower, I really hope they survive in our chalky soil.

It was very satisfying doing something other than study. Back to it now though!

11 February 2006

Recipe Note

Found a new blog and a new recipe to try. Yum.
Farmgirl Fare: Savory Cheese & Scallion Scones