17 May 2006


After weeks of working away, weekends studying and hunting for wedding venues, I was determined to spend the one day I had free last weekend (Sunday) in the garden, rain or shine.

The weeds had taken over and it was time to do battle. First we went to Homebase and bought lots of nice gardening tools and a nice selection of plants. Then, Dom got stuck into clearing the back garden of all the tree cuttings he had done a few weeks ago while I weeded the front beds, tended to the finished tulips and planted young red geraniums and petunias. We removed one of the less attractive rose bushes by the garage wall but left the other with it's lovely big yellow blooms. Next to this I planted more red geraniums and another red flower (can't remember the name!). Then we weeded the back garden and planted freesia, ixia, anemone and gladioli bulbs, a hosta, a fushia bush, a margeurite, some ornamental grasses, a couple of alpines and a row of sweet pea plants to grow up the fence. We filled about 15 bags with tree cuttings and weeds and took a car load to the local tip. It was 7.30pm when we finished and we were quite tired but very satisfied.

Both gardens look so neat and tidy now and are ready to flourish this summer. I am going to keep a close eye out for weeds as they sprout and will try and do a walk round the garden each night. I am going to do a light water, with the can, but I'm conscious of the water shortage. We are thinking of getting a water butt and attaching to the drainpipe.

I will see how these plants fare in our very chalky soil and will make sure I plan ahead for next year by getting some tulip, daffodil and snowdrop bulbs to plant this autumn/ winter.