28 July 2006

hanging radiators

In the last few weeks Dom has been hanging radiators and fitting internal pipes. We were away last weekend, but tomorrow we have the downstairs radiators to hang and the pipework for them to put in and then we are almost there. This job has slowed down from the initial fast pace of progress but we are hoping to have it complete by the end of August when my family are coming to stay for a few days.

11 July 2006

preparing for pipes

This weekend Dom finished cutting all the channels in the ceiling downstairs where the pipes to the radiators will run. Although this saves us lifting all the floorboards upstairs, it means we have had to drill holes through each beam that are wide enough for the pipes to go through. This was quite a messy job and took all weekend.

In between drilling, Dom managed to hang one of the chrome towel radiators in the bathroom and we ordered all the other radiators at a great price from our local plumbing store Gurney & White - they arrive today!

07 July 2006

pipe bending

Last weekend we made the first real step in our central heating project and fitted the pipe on the outside of the house for the gas to run in to the boiler. This involved cutting and bending the copper pipe, soldering it and drilling clips into the wall to hold it. Dom did most of the work, while I held the ladder and passed him the tools.

04 July 2006

the hoppings

Last weekend I went up to see my mum and dad to search for wedding venues. We found one, and booked it. It's a castle and it's beautiful but it is still a couple of years away.

Coincidentally I was in Newcastle at the same time as the Hoppings which is the largest gathering of travelling fairs in Europe. There were some pretty scary rides there but that's not my bag. I was much more interested in the people watching. I had my fortune told by the lovely looking lady in the picture. Total rubbish.