28 May 2007

light switches

Dom has installed these wireless light switches from Starlec throughout the downstairs.

1= living room
2= dining table
3= landing
4= kitchen

The arrows allow you to fade up and down and the centre button switches all off or all on. We also have a funky remote.

What with our movement sensor-controlled light in the front door entrance, we look like real gadget geeks.

They were expensive. Definitely not worth the money imo, but if my luxuries will be soft furnishings, Dom needs his too!

17 May 2007

planting update

I'm really pleased with my recent plant purchases. I specifically chose plants that can cope with chalky alkaline soil and shade, for our back garden which is north facing and has quite a few trees. I ordered a bunch from Crocus: a bugle, a hardy male fern, a cyclamen, wood spurge and a geranium (Dusky Cranesbill). They have done well so far.

Then I bought a hydrangea, another fern, a laurel, a californian lilac and some summer bedding from Homebase. The hydrangea has really flourished. They flower pink in alkaline soil and blue in acid.

I discovered today the the white powdery coating I had noticed on a couple of my conifers is actually spider mite. All of a sudden the leaves have gone brown, which prompted me to look online for what mite (!) be the problem. I immediately went to Asda, bought the appropriate spray and drowned those bastards in the stuff. I enjoy unleashing my wrath on insects, especially ants, but they haven't really appeared yet with all this rain we've been having.

I don't know what the blue flowers in the picture are. I bought them yesterday from a little independent garden centre while waiting for Dom to get a car tyre replaced. Aren't they gorgeous though?


This weekend we need to buy some paint samples, get sanding down door frames etc, fix the bathroom pipes and the shower curtain which have oh so conveniently fallen to bits at the same time and maybe think about flooring for downstairs. I need to start some serious studying for my final law exams in June and I mustn't let the wedding organisation slip out my sight (got to get that wedding photographer booked).

On top of all this, the pressure is on at work at the moment.

I'm beginning to wonder if I/we might have taken on too much at once!

16 May 2007

kitchen planning

At first it was white, then off-white if we could get it, and we thought we could in MFI's Space Cream. Then MFI shocked us with their appalling customer service and numpty kitchen designers, so we gave Magnet a go. They were an improvement on MFI service-wise, but the price was double and the design still wasn't flexible enough for our awkward little kitchen.

So, after some research online I came across www.diy-kitchens.com who deal in Second Nature kitchens. Their website is great in terms of giving you all the specs of the units, their range is vast and their prices are good. We ordered a sample door in Avant Beige which looked like MFI's Space Cream on the website, but when it arrived it was too dark.

So now we're back to white: plain white gloss doors and a black granite worktop. Dom is going to install it himself, and we'll buy the worktops from a different company who can cut and fit it aswell. It is going to look LUSH. Can't wait!

15 May 2007

plastering & painting

The plasterer finished the ceiling and all the walls in our downstairs living area about two weeks ago. Each night we would come home from work to another smooth pink wall (the picture shows progress after only one day) until it was all covered and ready for paint.

Last weekend we gave it a base coat with the recommended mix of half water half white emulsion. It took about five hours. Next step for the walls is to choose colours, but before that we are choosing the kitchen and repainting all the skirting and door surrounds.

04 May 2007

this time next year...

... we'll be married! Yes, we will be nearing the end of our first day as Mr and Mrs Grace. It will be an amazing day but there's a lot to organise before we get there. The venue is booked, the registrar is booked, but I still need to book the photographer, choose bridesmaids dresses, choose my own dress, sort out the DJ, the men's suits, the invitations, the decorations etc etc.

365 days and counting.