26 November 2007

pot roast

Dom has a week off before he starts his new job, so lucky me, I am getting my dinners cooked for me every night!

Monday was pot roast, Tuesday was spanish chicken with chorizo and last night was barbecue pork. All yum!

25 November 2007

so long, farewell

Dom and I both work at the same company, but on Friday, after six and a half years, he left. He has a new job, a new beginning, new challenges.

He was given a great send off by colleagues, many of whom are friends. After a presentation in the office and lunch in the local pub, we all headed to Guanabara, a brazillian bar, restaurant and club in Covent Garden.

It was excellent, the drinks were great and we all got trolleyed!

23 November 2007

feed me

I'm only just getting into the world of feeds. After installing a few feed aggregators without success I decided to try Bloglines which is web-based.

Thanks to my subscription to The Old Farmer's Almanac I am inspired to make something for the birds this winter.

I've learnt that today is Black Friday to be followed post-weekend by Cyber Monday.

And I can now put a word to what all these feeds may one day make me - a deipnosophist.

08 November 2007

alistair sawdays

I was recommended the Alistair Sawdays travel website by a friend when looking for places to stay in Italy for our honeymoon. Although I haven't chosen any of them, I admire it as a collection of truly unique and beautiful places to rest your head.

I received an e-newsletter from Sawdays publishing today with the following competition winning questions that were entered to interest, perplex or challenge the judges. I liked them, especially the hand drying dilemma - so true!

"If eating organically and ethically produced food is better, and everyone, on a mass scale, decides to convert; does this not mean that it then turns into mass-production on a huge scale thus contradicting the initial effort and concept itself?" Annabelle, London
"Which is best when drying your hands in public toilets: paper towel; normal towel (the ones that go round in a big circles and need cleaning once complete); or a hand dryer? At my work they have all three and I'm damned if I can make a decision on which to use!" Judd
"I'd like to know the CO2 emissions caused by making the bombs and munitions for the Iraq war, shipping them to Iraq, bombing the Iraqis, rebuilding the bombed premises, caring for the injured etc. Then ask the same questions about the Afghanistan 'adventure'. I will be more enthusiastic about recycling my Muesli cardboard when these questions are addressed." Stephen
"If the government were to pay for every house in Britain to become super-efficient savers and producers of electricity I suspect that the total amount of electricity saved and produced would exceed the output of at least one new power station and probably at a fraction of the cost and pollution of building and running one. If one were to then factor in the economic benefit and positive adjustment to economies of scale in mass producing solar panels, etc., surely this would become a viable proposition?" Martin
"Which uses more petrol: driving with the windows open or with the air conditioning on?" Kylie
"Is it better to rinse out a plastic container for recycling and put products such as sun cream, make up, milk etc in the water system and send it clean or leave the product in the container and let the recycling plant wash it because they probably wash it anyway?" Helen

05 November 2007

there's been a murder!

We had a lovely weekend in the Cotswolds solving a murder! It was part of a sight-seeing coach trip with our friends Sharon and Andy. After an early start and a lot of pick-ups our first stop was Bourton-on-the-Water, then on to Stow-on-the-Wold for a three course lunch.

Once at our hotel, we had just enough time to get our glad rags on before meeting in the bar for the murder mystery. It was obvious who the actors were, and they took control of the whole evening, orchestrating the investigation over dinner in between each course.

It began with a mock auction, during which some family jewels were stolen and then two murders followed between the main course and dessert! Each table had to decide who the thief and the murderer was and put their theory to the words of a song - then sing it!

It was a good laugh, but I would have liked it to be on a smaller scale and for everyone to play a role. I think I will have to try a dinner party murder mystery game and play from home.

On Sunday we were taken to Bath. We only had a couple of hours to spare so Dom and I decided to visit the Roman Baths. This was my favourite part of the whole weekend! The whole site was very well laid out around the excavated ruins and the audio tour was excellent. The climax was the Great Bath itself with 46°C water! I'd really recommend it. I'd definitely like to see more of Bath, it was a beautiful city.

Roman statues, late 1800s

The Great Bath

01 November 2007

ha-ha-happy halloween!

I love Halloween. Unfortunately, the rest of Britain doesn't share my passion. Next year I think I will plan a mad science dinner party like LJC.

As we had planned to be out all of last night, I didn't even carve a pumpkin. We did go and watch Saw IV though. I'm glad the series is continuing, but this one didn't hold up quite as well in the storyline department as Saw III.

We just made it to the cinema in time after picking up our new car. It is LUSH! It's a 2 litre diesel Audi A4 estate. It's multitronic, which means it can be either automatic or manual. I haven't driven it yet, but this automatic malarky looks like a piece of cake! It's got a lovely big colour screen inside with sat nav, so we can throw our battered NavMan away. It has a BOSE sound system, SD card slots for MP3s, a 6-CD changer, 18inch wheels, directional headlights,... er that's all I can remember. I'm not the car nut, Dom is - when we got back from the flicks, he sat outside in it for well over an hour, checking out all the nooks and crannies. Bless.

Inside the Audi