03 December 2007


Don't ask me how it happened but I've developed into a huge nerdy fan of the TV show Eggheads. I often catch it weekdays at 6pm on BBC2 and I love it!!

It's basically just a plain old general knowledge quiz show, but the questions seem pitched just right for me and I learn lots of interesting facts while I watch. I am seriously tempted to enter a team!

01 December 2007


There are lots of benefits to buying local, but to be honest, when I bought these Garden of England Chutneys by Bennett Opies I was only thinking of my stomach.

We tried our Plum Chutney with English Rose Wine with roast gammon - boy did it taste good - the best chutney ever!

And we're still to sample the Bramley Apple Chutney with Biddenden Special Reserve Cider.

Good news - you can buy online.

We bought these from our nearest supermarket, Asda. They do have a couple of local food stands at the end of aisles, apparently this is a policy. However, I have a feeling that these chutneys are actually stocked nationwide, and just marketed in store as local.

Oh well! They taste damn good!