18 April 2008

giving our lawn botox

Despite the looming wedding, we have recently managed to squeeze in some non-marriage related tasks. For example, we have now scarified, forked, soiled, seeded and feeded our front lawn. It took a couple of nights of hard graft (mainly by Dom) and some follow-up watering, and we are now waiting patiently for the effects.

We feel that since the ground was under concrete for godknowshowmany years before we set it free it has not had enough nutrients to deliver us a green and luscious lawn. So we decided, that in it's third season of growth it was time to show the lawn some tlc.

The idea is that you fork the lawn to a depth of about 30cm in 30 cm intervals to let the soil breathe. Then you use a scarifier to rip up all the 'thatch' (grass which is growing in a matted fashion and strangling the thicker blades). A fine coating of top soil is then raked across the lawn to give something for the seeds to germinate in. The seeds are then evenly distributed, followed by a covering of feed.

It looks a bit bruised after it's horticultural botox, but I'm hoping that it will develop over the summer into a smooth, flawless, green complexion.

the post-treatment lawn

17 April 2008

jimmy white

Look it's Jimmy "the Whirlwind" White cruisin' across the QEII Bridge last night! He may never have ever won a world championship, but he's got a pretty damn nice car - a Bentley. Check out the reg too - CUE BOY.

it's Jimmy White
see see!

16 April 2008

here come the girls

It was my hen do at the weekend. I was dreading it a bit but it was GREAT! Some of us travelled from London, others Newcastle, others Scunthorpe and arrived in York on Saturday morning. We checked in at the glamourous Youth Hostel (highly recommended), then made our way into town for some lunch.

We did archery and 4x4 driving at the North of England Activity Centre, which was a great laugh, then, after a lovely bridal shower gift-giving session we dolled ourselves up for a raucous evening on the town. We ate a luscious meal at Silvanos. It exceeded all expectations and was really geared up for hen-dos. Their keyboard player could play every single random song we requested and had us dancing and singing and doing the conga round the restaurant! A hardcore few of us partied away until the early hours in a very sweaty and very cheesy Reflex 80s bar.

My lovely sister even prepared me a book with profiles of all the chicks to remember it by. Thanks girls!!

archeryspot Dom's head on a stick (so I don't forget who I'm marrying!)here comes the bride

07 April 2008


There's a lot to organise at the moment, but what do they say? If you want something doing give it to a busy person. So I'm currently organising my shoes. I've decided they need more loving. They are getting new boxes and nice labels. Look how many! Naughty me! And this doesn't include my boots and trainers.

bootiful shoes

06 April 2008

the boys are back in town

where it's warm and dry...

Stags in the snow
Morning drift

05 April 2008

stag time

Dom is away with his mates on his stag weekend - camping. Poor sods, the weather has rudely turned from warm spring to frost and snow. They are well equipped for the cold, but it won't be a pleasant night. Still, I'm sure it will make for a good excuse for the boys to stay out and party longer.

I've been making the most of my free time alone: roaming the shops, gardening, making progress with the wedding crafts and tomorrow I have my friend Charlotte and her cute little daughter Emily coming for lunch.

Sometimes it's nice to have time on my own, getting things done. Other-halves are undoubtedly a distraction. Our houses are tidier without them and our time is our own to achieve what we want, but at the same time the world feels empty. Having another half might be a distraction, but it is a most welcome one.