13 July 2009

narna loaf

Banana loaf made with VERY ripe bananas that were heading for the bin.

Banana loaf

06 July 2009

thames times

My friend Nicola and her hubby Martin came to stay with us for the weekend. After serving up a three course meal on Friday night (including the heavy heavy chocolate tart), we spent Saturday in London.

First Greenwich where we ate sarnies in the park, then took shelter from a sudden shower in the market (only to realise that the market was full of seriously yummy foodstuffs that we could have eaten for lunch - doh!).

We took a Thames Clipper to Bankside. What a fab way to travel: fast, smart and air-conditioned inside and just enough standing space outside for the tourists on a sunny day. By now it was sunny, so we walked along the south bank, eating ice cream then cooled off with a couple of pints of lager in the Princess of Wales.

At Trafalgar Square there was a big party going on for Gay Pride, so we joined the crowd for more beer and a bit of music, then it was home on the train for a slap up BBQ with fresh sirloins from our favourite butchers.

As the sun set we walked down to the river that had served us so well and took some great photos. Happy days!

Nic and VicLondon Gay Pride 2009 - Trafalgar SquareNicola and MartinVic and Dom

05 July 2009

baked choclate tart

Another Jamie Oliver recipe was trialled when my friends came to stay. This time a dessert, from his old Naked Chef days. It looked so damn good, but you know what? It could have sunk a sub it was so heavy - almost inedible! There is a possibility that I over-measured the tablespoons of cocoa powder, but even with less I don't think it would have been completely to my taste. Never mind!

Baked Chocolate TartBaked Chocolate Tart