19 February 2012

jamie's 30 minute meals put to the test

Over the next few months I've set myself a challenge of cooking one of Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals per week and I'll be publishing the results on this blog every Thursday, in the aptly titled: Thirty Minute Thursdays.

I'll fess up right now to not having bought the book. Instead I'll be working off some roughly scribbled notes from the TV series. All 40 episodes from series 1 can be viewed here on 4OD. I'm hoping that making notes on the show will commit the recipes to memory and help me hit the 30 minute target rather than waste time referring to a recipe book.

Jamie's ideas and projects often come in for a lot of stick and his 30 Minute Meal series is no exception. Many others before me have put these recipes to the test and sadly, positive comments are few and far between. Here's a selection:

The Guardian has four testers try out four different meals with consistently dismal results. Criticism as expected from another four testers at the Daily Mail. A slightly fairer commentary from Foodepedia, but negativity again from Moveable Feast. Finally, a satisfied customer at The Hungry Boyfriend.

I am a big fan of Jamie. I love his relaxed style, his Italian influences, and big-hitting flavours, so I have high hopes for these 30 Minute Meals...

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